Malaika Ikhlaq

Location: Abadi No,3 Near Noor Masjid Gali No,10 With Tandoor Near Qureshi Shop RWPf, Donation loaned to a new entrepreneur Pakistan
Category : Business

Malika Ikhlaq’s 60 year old mother, Jamila bibi, is a brave, and hardworking individual. She owns a small grocery shop where she sells basic food items, biscuits, and candies; she has been running this business for more than seven years, and it has been a great contribution to the life of her family. Not only does this business help with their daily needs but also caters to her children’s educational requirements.
Her shop is out of stock and she does not have a sufficient amount to purchase stock, therefore, she is requesting for Rs. 65, 000 to purchase new stock which will enable her to fulfill her customers’ needs.